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NOTE: Very early version of the game. Not final, expect a lot of changes.

You are set in an area with a lot of enemies, your current goal is to defeat them all without getting killed yourself.

Controls: Arrow keys for moving, X for attacking, C for dashing, P for Pausing and Left Shift for switching weapons.

Heavily Cave Story and Zelda inspired. I am currently working hard on the game to make it closer to those games, although they are too great to even get close to. Action RPG, with adventure aspects in it. Level systems, multiple weapons. Skill based, the better you are, the easier it gets, although that doesn't say much.

Heavy in development. Release date is aimed at being the 9th of December. Aiming for Steam Greenlight closer to release.


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Brindilyl Legends Windows 2 MB
Brindilyl Legends Mac OS X 2 MB